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Aqua-Tropica & Blau aquaristic Deutschland

Aquaristik Wholesale and partner of the pet trade since 2004 for aquaristic and nano-aquaristic. Manufacturer of aquariums, aquarium care and aquarium technology. Distribution of the company Blau aquaristic and Genchem Biomax in wholesale and retail with dropping possibility. Aquaristic full-range with live animal transport with over 500 products from one source!

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Aquariums, nano-aquariums, dwarf shrimp feeds, shrimp feeds, food for dwarf crustaceans and crustaceans, ornamental fish feeds, snail chucks for water worms and agate feeders, natural feed for ornamental fish and shrimp, Water filters, water filters, nano lamps, water heaters, water stabilizers, water conditioners, water stabilizers, shrimp mineral salts, plant fertilizers, water plant fertilizers, bodyshowers, CO² bottles, CO² bottles, pressure reducer, CO² diffuser, CO² diffuser, water tests, water test set . Aquariums droplet test, Soil, Membrane Pumps, Fan Pumps, Accessories for Air Supply, Aquascaping Tools, Metering Pumps, Shrimp Books, Thermometers, Aquarium Scratches, Landing Gear, Aquarium Tubes, Nano fish, aquarium wholesale, ornamental fish wholesale,

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Welcome to the Aqua-Tropica Shop - Trade for shrimp and nano-aquaristic!!

Aquaristic with live animals from one source! Europavertrieb Blue aquaristic and Biomax.
Shrimp cultivation since 1998. Since 2004 partner of the zoofach trade for nano-aquaristic and aquascaping.


With the Aqua-Tropica partners, you are always one step ahead in aquaristic and nano aquaristics. Our product range is geared entirely to the special needs of aquariums. With us you get a large full range for freshwater and nano-aquariums in Germany from a single source!

As distributor of Blau aquaristic and Biomax, you will receive from us, among other strong brands, all articles for a funkkionierende freshwater aquaristic from first hand. Quais directly from the manufacturer.

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Support and advice from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm to our products and assortment:

Contact us: Aqua-Tropica

310m² Total Area  -  100m² Retail Space   -  210m² Storage Area  -  250 Aquariums  -  20000l Water Volume  -  500 Aquarium Products

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Mini-Lumina LED Nano 40 - Süßwasser

Mini-Lumina LED Nano 40 - Süß...
Lieferhinweis: %LANZTXT% Die Neue, preisgünstige LED mit viel Lichtpower für Nan-Aquarien von 40 - 60 cm länge 24 Watt Flaches...
Price: 109.00 EUR inkl. gesetzl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

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